Research & Development

Our R&D is dedicated to creating new innovative products and services for life science research, spanning from molecular biology, microbiology to genetics. Our mission is to simplify analytical molecular biology.


R&D group is divided in biomolecular and engineering group. Our employees versatile expertise in areas of genetic diseases, environment and engineering automatic analytical system allows us to respond rapidly to constantly evolving needs of life science.

Many of our staff’s work experience include prior employment in prestigious laboratories such as the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research, Baltimore, U.S.A and at University of Palermo.


We are engaged in development of innovative systems based on in vitro molecular diagnostics for the determination of genetic and infective diseases. Thanks to our automation and engineering resources, combined with these IVD, we develop automatic analytical instruments. The conclusion of these activities are represented by finished products, industrialized prototypes and techno-scientific results.