Gel Detection Product Line

All kits foresee a rapid DNA extraction from blood samples, PCR gene amplification and detection using the electrophoresis method.

  • Products

    • Gel Detection Products
      Name Code Description Tests
      DQ-CD Typing Plus BDG 104

      Kit for the rapid detection of HLA class II alleles associated with Celiac Disease and for the direct identification of samples homozygous for DQB1*02 allele.

      DQ-CD Screen BDG 101

      Kit for the rapid identification of susceptibility to Celiac Disease in a single reaction.

  • Characteristics

    • Complete system - includes all necessary reagents for analysis, from the DNA extraction to the final result
    • Possibility of using a simple lancing device for the collection of blood samples onto FTA cards
    • Rapid DNA extraction
    • Ready-to-use reagents
    • All kits use the same standardised DNA Extraction System, Gene Amplification Program
    • Pre-cast gel suitable for loading with multichannel pipettor
    • System control and gene amplification control for one housekeeping gene
  • Procedure

    • DNA extraction from 10 ┬Ál of blood: 5 min
    • Rapid gene amplification using ready-to-use reagents
    • PCR run: 2 h
    • Agarose gel electrophoresis with ready-to-use reagents: 20 min