BioDiagene Group

BioDiagene is an emerging leader in genetic testing, providing rapid and cost effective diagnostic solutions for diverse pathologies. BioDiagene develops and manufactures innovative analytical instruments and integrated, ready-to-use reagent systems. Together these deliver an incomparable level of performance and user-friendliness that defines a new generation of high performance laboratory tools.

BioDiagene was recently founded through the merger of BioNat Italia, an R&D company operating in the biotechnology sector and DiaGene, a manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic kits.

BioNat Italia was born in 2003, leveraging experience acquired by the founders while at the University of Maryland. The combination of their energy and international scientific experience allowed them to build an R&D center oriented toward designing and developing innovative biomolecular systems and solutions.

In 2005, the drive to bring BioNat’s in vitro diagnostic kits to market led to the founding of DiaGene. A broad range of contacts were established, both in the scientific community and with major reference centers, that operate in clinical areas where its products found applications. Both companies are certified ISO 9001 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.

Respective success stories, awareness of being part of an extremely dynamic sector and shared aspirations for growth underlie the process that led to the evolution of BioDiagene. Strong technical and scientific know-how combined with experience in production and commercialization experience enable BioDiagene to encompass the entire process, from conception to marketing. In fact, this young dynamic company employs an enthusiastic, versatile staff with expertise in areas ranging from engineering and information technology to biology, chemistry and marketing.

BioDiagene’s mission is to contribute to a better understanding of the genetic basis of human disease by simplifying, accelerating and improving research and diagnosis.